Amenities at the Groves

In addition to the 64 acres of preserved forest, nearly 5,000 reforested trees, 85 acres of open space and 68 acres of Madera Creek, The Groves offers an endless supply of imaginative amenities just outside your door. We make spending time with loved ones and spending time outside one in the same. From exciting, family-forward activities to the countless places to relax and unwind, The Groves offers something for everyone and every moment.

Click the name of each amenity listed below to further explore what it offers.

Our Community Amenities
  • The Lifestyle Center: This resident hub offers a fire pit, a sprawling lawn, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a Woodland Playground, yard games and a Splash Pad.
  • The Hearth Amenity Center: Relax by our resort-style pool, in one of the spacious hammocks, or in an Adirondack chair overlooking Madera Creek.
  • Mini Groves: Younger residents love exploring this scaled-down version of The Groves that features interactive elements.
  • Circuit Park: As the newest addition at The Groves, this park features various fitness stations and interactive signage to teach you how to benefit at each stage throughout the circuit.
  • The Nest: Perched atop a mounded hill, The Nest is the latest addition to the Naturehood.
  • Fish Camp: Finally find the time to take the kids fishing at our catch-and-release pond.
  • The Field: Here, residents of all ages can sharpen their baseball and soccer skills.
  • Discovery Square: Foster your child’s curiosity with a range of innovative park elements.
  • Exploration Trails: Punctuated with statues of woodland creatures and picnic benches, these trails are perfect for young, inquisitive walkers.
  • The Yard: Exclusive to residents of The Canopy, our gated community, this beer-garden like space is perfect for adults to mingle and unwind while younger residents enjoy the adjacent root beer garden.
  • Insperity Adaptative Sports Complex: Equipped for children with disabilities, this baseball diamond gives every child a shot at sports and offers a playground for all residents.
  • Madera Creek Trail: Here, residents enjoy lounging on hammocks and exploring our labyrinth, scoping out nature from the observation deck, walking trails near the Veteran’s Fallen Soldier Statue and helping young residents make music at harmony station.
Circuit Park – Now Open!

The Circuit Park is the newest park at The Groves and is the start of your fitness journey. This park features various fitness stations such as stretching, balance beam, crunches, bars, pull ups and high bars among others. Central to The Circuit is a yoga lawn with a wood deck for an instructor to get our residents in their best state of mind through yoga lessons. Interactive signage is placed throughout, teaching you different yoga poses and ways to use each fitness station.

Discover the Lifestyle Center

Perfect for both adventure and unwinding, our Lifestyle Center offers a barbeque pit, a lounge that’s perfect for game watching, an expansive fitness center and plenty of yard games. Here, kids will spend their summers playing table games like ping pong or foosball and cooling off at the Splash Pad. Inside the Lifestyle Center you will find a fitness center, shuffleboard table, and free Wi-Fi and lounging areas. Adjacent is our Woodland Playground, which incorporates wood we have recycled from our trees, lets kids climb, swing, and play to their heart’s content.

Fitness Center
Woodland Playground & Splash Pad
Explore The Hearth

As one of the newest additions to The Groves community and pavilion, The Hearth Amenity Center features a luxurious resort-style pool that’s perfect for both playing and relaxation. Nearby is an expansive hearth fireplace complete with cozy bistro seating below festoon lighting that welcomes weekend unwinding. Surrounding the Hearth is a spacious lawn populated with lazy hammocks, yard games, and Adirondack chairs overlooking Madera Creek – ensuring that you’ll never run out of places to lounge with family or friends.

Play in the Mini Groves

Designed exclusively for its younger residents, Mini Groves is a smaller, park version of the community. This fun (and extremely adorable) amenity features key elements for children to explore, including a toddler adventure playground, a miniature fire tower with a roller slide designed to match the entry to the community, creek fall surface areas with animals embedded within to mimic Madera Creek, a mini Hearth Amenity Center with Adirondack chairs and hammocks, a trike track representing Madera Run, a Matchbox car track to race mini cars, chalkboard cylinders, and a small fish camp. Here, children can explore confidently amongst other mini residents.