Our Trails

With more than 10 miles of tranquil trails, The Groves makes it easy to integrate your everyday life with nature. With new, interactive signage strategically placed along our trails, experiencing nature is more educational than ever. Take a stroll and use our community trail map to guide you every step of the way.

The Groves Community Trail Map

Madera Creek Trail

More than just the spine that connects all of The Groves, Madera Creek also serves as an amenity for the community, a place for animal habitat, and an aesthetic tributary-like approach to the conveyance of water that eventually leads out to Lake Houston. Thoughtful meandering ensured a naturalistic experience of Madera Creek while still allowing for key amenities to maximize on the long views down the creek’s corridor.

Upon completion, approximately 850,000 cubic yards will have been excavated from Madera Creek. This is equivalent to approximately 172 million gallons to water. That could fill over 150 football field sized pools 10 feet deep!

Harmony Station, Discovery Square & Exploration Trails

Harmony Station contains musical elements such as wind chimes, chimes in the shape of a “chime-asaurus,” Grandioso Chimes, and whale drums and is located along the paths to provide peaceful musical accompaniment and inspiration to walkers. Discovery Square & Exploration Trails offer additional innovative park elements including mirrored stumps, a dragon swing, picnic tables in the trees, a group spinner, art within nature pieces, woodland animal statues, bird hotels, bat boxes, squirrel bridges, and more. Together, these amenities give residents and families the opportunity to express their imaginations and creativity amongst the outdoors.